Training & Tutorial Video

Training and tutorial videos are both a cost-effective and learning-effective method of teaching your employees and customers complex topics.

With broadcast quality corporate video, your training and tutorial programs will give a lasting impression for years to come. Just ask our clients. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies in developing their training videos. 

See some of our training and tutorial video examples below.

ForgeRock – University

Training & Tutorial Video

ForgeRock needed a solution for training customers that owned their products without them being stuck in a classroom.

When they came to Chuffed with the brief, we created training videos for them that allowed for self-paced learning with visual on-screen annotations and a guided face-to-face tutor.

Now, 25% of their global training is online video, which pre-Chuffed was none existent.

ForgeRock – Backstage

Training & Tutorial Video

ForgeRock wanted a digital solution for the paid training of their open source products.

We created a series of ‘how-to’ videos that they used in an email campaign to direct their customers to the correct tutorials for them.

This cut out the headache of what to choose for their customers and created easily digestible content to learn from for current and future audiences.

Training & Tutorial Video

Video is a sure fire way to help others learn and train themselves at their own pace.  At Chuffed Productions, we’re experienced in creating intuitive and engaging video content to guide a viewer with the best possible user experience in mind.