Live Streaming & Multi Camera

Live video streaming used to be accessible to only the big companies but with new technology behind live streaming we can deliver big or small.

We provide the hardware, the software, and the experts, so quicker than you can say “lights, camera…action” we can be broadcasting you live to your audience.

6 Day, 24 hour, Password Protected, Live Event Stream 

Multi-Camera Live Streaming

For the second year running, Progressive Property set a world record for the longest continuous group speech.  

We got down to the business of live streaming the entire event, with 3 crews working round the clock for 6 whole days.  All the footage was then delivered to the client to be edited and repurposed afterwards.

And then we slept….

5 Day Multi- Camera Live Nike Football Event

Multi-Camera Event Video

The Nike brief from XYZ needed an exciting live and interactive  experience for players and spectators alike.  They also had to bridge the gap between live action and their social media audience.

We created a live feed direct to the venue’s screens, so no one missed any action.  

In-game instant live action replays, multi-camera interviews and presentations, as well as on-site real time video editing which was fed straight onto social media.

Loewe Foundation

Multi-Camera Production

We sat down with several world-renowned artists for a single hour to discuss the Loewe Craft Prize, an annual award celebrating excellence in craftmanship, at Central St Martin’s College.

A multi-camera set up allowed us to capture each artist’s opinion with no interruption to their debate of what Craft is to them.

We then took the footage to edit 6 main videos, as well as several smaller snippets of footage for their social media platforms.

Live Streaming & Multi-Camera

As experienced practitioners in live streaming and multi camera set-ups, we can cover events, conferences and competitions with the biggest possible impact.  Helping you reach local, national and global audiences.