Experiential video is at the heart of video marketing with many of the UK’s biggest brands using this marketing tool. But what exactly is experiential video?

A video that puts the viewer in the mindset of a first-hand experience. Whether it’s an event, a location or a situation; it doesn’t have to been confined to those attending. Why limit your audience? A video can recreate the essence, atmosphere and relay the information of your event or experience to reach a much, much wider audience. What’s-more, is it can be enjoyed again and again.

When the boys and girls at Chase Distillery (they make the finest Vodka from potatoes grown on their farm) wanted video content for their social media sites, they came to Chuffed. The brief sounded right up our street. Get as much content out of this one day, industry only music festival as possible. As predicted, there was tons of action and we shot hours of fabulous footage for four videos. This is the highlights package of the day. Oh, they make a really good Gin too – we’ve tried them both!