Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are a great way to simplify the complicated, delivering messages that give the “a-ha” moment.

We create animated video that compliment your branding, your culture and your personality. Delivering a message your viewers will not forget.

cap hpi – iQ Teaser Video

Animated Explainer Video

iQ is one of cap hpi’s latest product innovations and they asked us to create a teaser video to entice prospects to their stand at an industry event.

Chuffed Productions trimmed the key messages, brought their website illustrations to life and created an animated video that’d appeal to the event attendees curiosity.

Cloud Sustainability – Waste Expert

Animated Explainer Video

The Cloud Sustainability team asked us to develop and produce an animated video to explain their brand new product, Waste Expert.

Waste Expert is the first in a series of online tools that…wait…hang on a second…the video explains all this, after all that’s its purpose!

Well go on then watch it and see just how effective Animated Video can be.

hpi Fair Deal

Animated Explainer Video

cap hpi wanted an innovative way to gain internal buy-in with their concept for a new consumer product.

We suggested an animated explainer video as an easy way for their colleagues to digest the idea and how it worked.

Along with their concept, Chuffed Productions scripted and created an animation to tell the story of Sarah. Oh and as you can see, we like circles. Really like them.

Animated Explainer Video

Simplify your message through pictures, words, sound and video.  Animation is an effective way to explain information clearly when demonstrating a complex product or introducing a new service.